JVC KS-BTA200 Bluetooth Adapter


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Mar 3, 2011
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Detroit, MI
I'm thinking of getting the JVC KS-BTA200 for my car in preparation for my phone upgrade, since the capabilities of it seem right in-line with what I want to do; hands-free talking, and playing music from the droid in my car, all seamlessly.

I wanted to know if anyone else has had experience with this device, as I'm a little wary of some reviews it picked up on Amazon. Some list it as having trouble staying connected with their phone, shoddy transfer of music to the system, or not working with their phone all-together.

One reviewer did state that it worked quite well with their Droid once Froyo arrived on the scene.

Before I drop $100 on the unit, I wanted to hear others' opinions on it, or if any novel solutions exist (other than retaining a headset and 3.5mm aux plug-in).

Thanks in advance.