Judy Adware Found In Dozens Of PlayStore Apps


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Oct 6, 2011
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An annoying bit of Adware was recently discovered in several PlayStore Apps. The adware called Judy had been downloaded up to 18.5 million times according to sources. It bypassed Google's security protocol downloading the malicious part of the app after being installed. Once installed the malware would begin to open up URLs to imitate a PC browser (hidden from the user). It would then begin clicking on ads without the users consent racking up ad revenue for the app creator. The adware has since been removed from the Play Store.

via Check Point


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Can't download it in USA. Probably most installs are from Asia.
It was certain games... basically there was a line of code that then forced a download after the app then ran this extra code in the background basically turning your phone into a click farm...

it's quite the scam... why can't I come up with something like this then live in a country where I won't get into trouble for doing it then make a few million and hit the beach...