1. K

    Adware Removal

    I've got an interesting problem I've been looking for a solution to for the last couple of days. Lookout tells me "Adware found". The problem seems to be "Unconfirmed 354.crdownload adware detected". I don't see any such incomplete file on my device, even in downloads, but I'm not very...
  2. DroidModderX

    Judy Adware Found In Dozens Of PlayStore Apps

    An annoying bit of Adware was recently discovered in several PlayStore Apps. The adware called Judy had been downloaded up to 18.5 million times according to sources. It bypassed Google's security protocol downloading the malicious part of the app after being installed. Once installed the...
  3. DroidModderX

    ES File Explorer Receives Update Including Adware!

    One of the best free file explorers on Android just received an update. ES File Explorer was acquired by another company not too long ago who has decided the app would be a great way to bring in some revenue with bloated features. The latest feature to be added to the free version of the app is...