Is there ANY way to successfully use Group Texting on Razr M/Verizon?


Nov 17, 2009
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Long story short, I've had a moto razr M since November and in the whole time that I've had it, group texting has not worked. I've used the stock app as well as Chomp SMS. In both cases, if I am included in a group text that someone sends out, I can see all of the replies to that group text in one threaded message... BUT if I reply to it, the phone sends INDIVIDUAL texts to EACH receiptient, seperate from the group text. If there are four other people in the message and I send "ok", the "ok" shows up 4x in the threaded message, but yet goes to a SEPERATE message on their side. When they reply, the reply is in an indivudal text with just me and each one.


Group Text: Tom, Sam, Jen, Mike (me)

Tom: Hey everyone.
Sam: hey!
Jen: hola...
Mike: what's up
Mike: what's up
Mike: what's up

Those three "what's up"s are sent as seperate texts individually to each person. When they reply, the reply goes to it's own text seperate from the group text. Meanwhile the other three people who don't have a piece of **** phone continue the conversation in the group text. I've tried ChompSMS but the results are the same. Handscent as well. I've toggled any settings I could find that I thought would help.

I called Verizon and according to them, this is a "known issue" and Motorola is including a fix in a "future software update". Seeing as how that's about as vague as something I can be, I'm hoping someone has solution in the mean time.

Has anyone with a MOtorola Android phone, on Verizon, been able to successfully figure this BS out, and if so, what did you? It's beyodn frustrating when everyone you know has an iphone which seems to have no problems and you can't even contribute to a group text.