Can't reply correctly to Group MMS texts - am I crazy or doing something wrong?


Nov 17, 2009
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Switched back to Android when my IP4 contract was up and while I'm ok with that decision for the most part, one thing that drives me nuts is that I have not been able to figure out how to reply, successfully, to group texts, especially with people who are on the iphone. I've tried changing every setting and I started using a 3rd party App (Chomp) but nothing works. I get the group texts, and I see everyone's discussion as a single thread, but if I reply it just sends individual texts to each person's phone - not part of the threaded conversation.

If anyone can tell me what I should be doing to be able to work this, I'd appreciate it... either with Chomp or through the native texting app, doesn't matter. On the native app there is a setting for Default Group Message Type and I have "Group Conversation" selected...

Also, when someone else replies to a group text, their reply goes to their individual text message for every. single. one. I have to open that message and click "Download" for each message, for each person, and then eventually it moves to the group text. It's the most assenine thing I've ever seen. I go into the setting (native app) and there's an option - "Automatically Retrieve"... I have that set to On, so why the hell aren't the texts coming through automatically? With the way some people text like it's an instant message, if it's a big group in there, there's millions of texts back and forth. It's maddening.
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