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Nov 7, 2009
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Just a quick question, as i have not been able to figure out a way to do this on the droid.

is there a way to create groups to text message?

I am on a basketball team and sometimes need to send everyone on it the same messege and don't want to have to select each person individually every time and just be able to select a group.

Thanks for any information on this!
Yeah, you just type the persons name into the send to bar, then type the next persons name... and so on...
You can download SMS Group Hub or any other dedicated group texting app from the market.

If you sync your Droid contacts with gmail, you can create groups using gmail, switch from the standard messaging app to Handcent SMS, and Handcent will let you address to groups created at gmail. I haven't found a way to group contacts using stock apps directly on a Droid yet.
AFAIK there is currently no way to set a group and send SMS to that group directly in a messaging program. You can select each person individually through the messaging application though.