Is there a quick way to mute a notification?


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Sep 5, 2011
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Strange so many of you are having this issue. I can hit any button to silence my alerts and notifications. I could swear there's somewhere in the phone menu too that has a check mark for any button silences notifications but I can't find it so perhaps it's all in my imagination.

Also, I'm unclear: for the people who are talking about having issues with this at work, why isn't your phone on vibrate or silence while you're working anyway, or at least set with the volume barely audible? Seems like that's a bit of an issue in and of itself.

Also, to those of you using apps that not only edit but also place mp3s at notifications this may be your issue. I noticed that after using Ringo for a bit and then uninstalling it my notification and vibrate settings no longer worked correctly. I had to re-install it, fix my settings through the default android menus, the uninstall it again to get everything back to normal. Your notifications apps may be to blame.