Is the grass greener, tip another tether thread


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Dec 23, 2009
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I was at ATT looking at an iPad for my mother and I asked about cost for data. It was like 10 bucks for 500 megs. Now I remember complaining on this forum about how vzw is gouging its customers. And I was one who felt entitled to use a free tethering app. Yeah every one is in it for the money and I am not here to bash any one. But i think VZW may not be as bad as people sound and before making the jump you may want to look at what the other carriers are truly offering.

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Jan 2, 2010
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verizon is one of the best mobile companies hands down, in customer service, in network quality, and honestly in a lot of their pricing plans too. the tethering plan is priced poorly but it's not like any other carrier is offering some awesome deal on tethering. the complaints don't make sense to me, as most of them follow the format "i deserve this so i should have it".

but i agree with you, i would never consider switching from verizon to prove a point. but i can also say pretty confidently, that the whiners are not going anywhere either, they just like to whine. ppl have been saying they're leaving verizon since the dx came out with a locked bootloader. those same ppl now own thunderbolts. they've been whining about leaving if tethering is blocked...those same ppl are here whining about tethering being blocked. it's a lot of talk, with little substance. no one is going anywhere, and if you do go to a crappy carrier to pay the same or more money, just to prove a point, i would have no choice but to laugh at you haha.


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Nov 11, 2009
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VZW is very fair with their pricing imo. I know there are other companies such as Sprint offering special packages for their plans, but their missing quality (cell reception, call quality, etc.), at least from what I've seen with my friends on that network.

As for tethering, I am guilty of being rooted primarily to tether. I don't tether nearly as much as some of the users on this board, but the point is I have it. If somehow VZW manages to block tethering, it wouldn't be a huge loss to me. I understand that many feel we should be allowed to tether for free and as do I, hence the rooting of my phone, but really we're going behind VZWs back and pretty much taking advantage of what we initially signed up for. I do believe VZW has a right to block tethering, but I also feel we are being cheated by having to pay more for the same data just for a different use.

I will not be switching from VZW unless I absolutely need to. I've been more than happier with their service and I am quite happy that I switched over from AT&T, and I was with AT&T for a good 10yrs if not more. Not to mention the fact that VZW still has unlimited data, that's a huge reason as to why I stay with them.