Is It Possible To Have Full Speed emulators Without Choppy Sound


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May 4, 2010
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Because I saw a video where a guy was running an SNES emulator with Super Mario World on his Nokia N900 and the sound and speed was perfect.

I own a Droid and the sound on the NES and SNES emulators have horrible sound (The sound on the SNES is worse). The only emulators that have perfect sound are Game Gear and GBA emulators. Is it possible for emulators to have perfect sound with full speed?
I don't see why not, even my psp (with less than half the processing power) was capable of a full speed nes, snes, gba and n64 emulator without so much as a skipped frame or audio hiccup. It's annoying how every emulator I've tried on my motorola droid so far can't play games at full speed, and the closest I've found is mojo gba (gameboy advance emu).
Could just be a matter of coding, and hopefully with updates we'll see better in the near future.
And just my 2 cents, but the even more annoying part is that all the psp ones were free. Maybe I'm an idiot for paying 3-5 dollars for worthless emulation on a handheld.
I'd say just give it time, both SNESoid and SuperGNES are updating somewhat regularly, SuperGNES is rather new, but has smoother sound than SNESoid for most games, but a slight reduction in sound quality. Also their C core games can be rather sluggish and have some sound artifacts because they just added support for it half a month ago.