Install games to SD card?


Jan 29, 2010
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How do I install games directly to the SD card? I have 676MB of free space on the phone for games, according to the storage screen in settings, but I hardly have anything installed on the SD card, I want to install a game that requires 1gb of room, not enough on the phone, but plenty on the 16gb sd card. Is it possible to designate more on phone storage to games? My Usage screen indicates taht I have 676MB available for apps, but it also says I have 9.8GB free on phone storage. What is the difference? And I also have 14.1GB free on the SD card.

Any help with this is much appreciated.


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Jan 5, 2010
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There should be a section in manage apps that will let you move stuff over to the SD card. Depending on the set up some game installers will auto to the SD or SD-EXT (depending on phone)


May 26, 2012
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In the Rezound. there are THREE storage areas to be aware of:

~2GB Internal Storage, this is where most applications and their data are stored by default
~11GB Phone Storage, this is the phones internal "SD Card" some applications can be moved here, some apps will install here if available (depends on app)
16GB SD Card (or whatever size you have), also referred to as external storage or /sdcard/ext_sd - Only for storage of files (music, pictures, videos, documents) or application use. Apps themselves cannot reside here or be executed from here normally (This is largely due to the fact SD Cards must be formatted in FAT32, and FAT tables do not have Linux attributes to set them as system, executable, owner, read-only, etc), although many will save files or install data on this drive if it is available, again, this is app dependent.

The phone has an easy way to list and move supported apps between Internal Storage and Phone Storage, go to Settings-Applications-On Phone Storage, this will give you a list of apps that can be moved to Phone Storage, if they are ticked they exist on Phone Storage, if not then they are in Internal Storage. To move them, just tick the box and this will open the App info screen, then tap "Move to phone storage", depending on app size this can take a few seconds to a few minutes. Not all apps can reside on Phone Storage, for example, any app that has widgets cannot be on Phone Storage, some are written to specifically be in Internal Storage and do not normally support being moved.

There are also apps that can automate this or make some apps that don't normally allow themselves to reside on Phone Storage to be forced there, such as App2SD and there are others too.
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