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Dec 1, 2009
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Memphis, TN
After a long afternoon of studying Therapeutics, I was bored, so I decided to explore the Incipio site. I got bored (again), and decided to try out the live chat feature with their customer service. I asked about cases for the Droid, and this was our conversation...

Hello John
Hello Jenna
Thank you for your inquiry. We do have plans to release cases for the Droid, but we have not set a release date at this time. If you would like to be notified of their arrival, please let us know and we will add you to our notification list.
Yes, please do that. Would you like my e-mail address?
Yes please

Thank you. I will add you to our notification list right now.
Also, do you think the selection of cases for the Droid will be comparable in any way to that of the iPhone 3G/3Gs?
I do not know the entire lineup at this time, but I believe the Feather will be one of the options
Excellent! That was definitely one that I was hoping for.
Perfect! Is there anything else I can help you with?
No ma'am, I think you've answered all of my questions. Thank you very much
You're very welcome. Have a wonderful (almost) weekend!
You do the same! I look forward to making a purchase from Incipio in the (hopefully) near future.
Thank you!

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If you have never seen any products from Incipio, I've found them to be of very high quality. The Feather for the iPhone is actually my favorite case for any phone out there. I've never owned an iPhone, but one of my roommates has this for his. He loves it, and hopefully it will be available soon for us! They also have some other pretty interesting cases for the iPhone that I hope will be developed for the Droid as well. You should check out their website some time! Incipio Carrying Cases - iPhone, iPod, MacBook, BlackBerry and Zune Case and Accessories
Whoa.....those cases are tight. Thanks for sharing the info.

I hope they hurry up and get some to market for our Droids.

Me and you both. I bought the blue clip-on Verizon case, but the tabs that held it in place have begun to break off. The top won't stay on, and the bottom will only halfway clip on so I threw it away. Hoping they get these out by March. I plan on having this phone for two years anyway though, so I can wait a while for them =D