Inc. has been acting screwy


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May 19, 2011
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Newbie here, first post.

I've had my incredible for almost a year now, and in the last month or two it has really been giving me grief.

At first it was doing the random shut down, restart loop. Which I've read about on other threads. That doesn't seem to be happening as much anymore.

But since the looping timeframe I cannot run an app without the phone automatically shutting down and restarting.

For example I can play a game of Homerun Battle 3D, but the phone will shut down on its own by the 2nd or 3rd game. Same thing with browsing the internet. Homerun 3d is the only app I have on the phone that didn't come with it standard right now.

I've done the factory reset twice now, but this persistant shut-down problem continues.

Is it a virus, using too much memory elsewhere, bad battery? ? ?

I don't use app killers.