Importing contacts, sms, settings, etc.


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Jan 29, 2013
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I have been trying to figure out how to import some things from my old, broken phone, most importantly my SMS. (I have some saved messages from my girlfriend, they're kind of important to us or I wouldn't go through the trouble haha). The screen is shattered, so I can't just go back it up. I've thought of some solutions, don't know if they'll work though

1. Is there any way to import settings? I just replaced the phone and I have activated USB debugging, I'm wondering if I can import these settings to the old one so that I can connect with a USB and control the screen via my desktop. I read a guide on doing that, come to find out I didn't have the setting enabled. =/

2. I have MyPhoneExplorer installed on the new phone, can import the settings from it into the new phone somehow? I thought that this could be more account based or just simpler to access than ALL settings.

3. I completely copied the entire contents of my internal storage from my old phone, it isn't a TRUE back up but can I just import that into the new one and get it back? I know that those dang those are hidden in there somewhere, so that seems as if it would work.

Remember, the screen is broken though, I can't do much. Any alternative suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

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