Can I import contacts onto my Eris without Gmail?


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Jan 30, 2011
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My firm couldn't pay its Verizon bill this month, so our company phone account service was suspended. I picked up a prepaid phone from TMobile in the interim, and while they were loading my phone contacts onto the new phone, they ended up erasing my Google contacts off my Eris.

Since I don't have Google/internet access working on my Eris right now, is there any other way to import a CSV file of those contacts back onto my Eris? (I want to be able to at least use it as a directory until my service is restored).

I tried copying a CSV file from my computer onto the Eris disk drive, but when I went into Settings > People > Menu > Import/Export > Import from SD card > just tells me "No SD card detected".

Is there any other way to copy the CSV file onto the Eris and then have the contacts viewable on my Eris until I get my Verizon service restored???