Ics google?


Oct 25, 2010
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Wouldn't ICS be a different update push, ICS is the Android OS not moto's update? So that's not motorola anymore it's upto Google to get it to us now? Seems some ppl are getting confused that the .902 update is different than what ics is or is it me? That being said I'd think with other android products running ics we'd get it pretty quick? Someone chime in if I'm wrong, cuz I'd wanna be sure I'm right on what I'm talking about. Thanx

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ICS is the newest Android OS but the updates would still come from Moto. They take they OS and add their skin (Blur) or whatever else they do with it. Then it gets approved by VZW, then you guys would get it. And as far as I know there is still not a time frame on when the Bionic will get it.

That is a pretty simplified version of the process but none the less basically how it works.
You'll hear when ICS hits soak testing and there will be an upload, but I'd have to suspect that Moto and VZW staff are running ICS on their Bionic, RAZR, and RAZR/MAXX phones now. We're about due for someone to show theirs to a magazine or "lose" it...