ICS 230: Wifi always draining power


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Feb 26, 2012
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Like some others, I've noticed that my battery life is considerably worse on ICS than it is on GB.
I went digging and found the damnedest thing: "Wifi" is always draining power, even when off!
Just to be absolutely clear: Wifi is supposed to be completely disabled turning the time of this screenshot:


(yeah, I know, the mobile network is really spotty and that's no doubt made the battery drain worse, but this post is about the crazy wifi power drain.)

In GB I had the wifi set to "always on" with the screen was off, because it uses less power for background data than the mobile network.
In ICS I've tried turning that off. I also found (in the wifi advanced menu) an option to "Notify me when Wi-Fi is available, when launching applications that require data connections". It had defaulted to On, so I turned that off too.

Neither of these has had an effect. Wi-Fi is constantly draining power.

Has anyone else noticed this too?
Did you wipe the cache partition in recovery after you installed .230?

Have you tried a factory reset?

Have you tried .232?

I'm on .232 and do not have any wi-fi issues.
I haven't tried .232 yet.
I noticed that when I turn on the mobile hotspot/wifi tether, the wifi apparently stops confusing power (according to that same battery screen), so I'm wondering if the reporting is actually bugged.

I did wipe the cache the day after I installed .230. I might go to .232 and see if that helps.
Are you using Smart Actions? They will trigger WiFi for location even though you have WiFi turned off.
No icon will show when Smart Actions is doing this.
Are you using Juice Defender? If so, did you restore or re-configure Juice Defender's settings after you upgraded? Juice Defender loses settings after these upgrades.