I Wonder... question

I've had none of the issues you've described, maybe sans the battery issue... but that has never been this phones strong suit.

I get about 14 hours with moderate to heavy usage on JB Eclipse.

But I haven't had any of your issues with stock JB; i'd consider warranty replacement.

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Okay, back to the drawing board.... and I am hoping this is what is wrong...
Because I uninstalled it and my wi-fi / gps / 4g stopped fighting!

The root of my problem could be the Xfinity Wi-Fi App.

You see, I know it is not a warranty issue, not a battery issue... I knew it was software... because all my issues were happening away from my home... and not when I was at home on my wi-fi signals. I was just getting pissed because I had this issue even during the soak test... and it stopped after I did the factory reset after the soak test ended, but started again within a week ...

With the fighting between the 3 it was causing my phone calls to drop within a minute or when I was receiving emails. The Keyboard issues and the other little things I can deal with... but my battery drainage and my wi-fi not staying on or switching between that and 4g and watching my GPS signal try to find me when it was all switching and losing signal because of that... I could not stand for... so maybe I don't have to go the route of Rooting my phone....

Thanks Guys for giving me thoughts to ponder on!
For the record, I rooted and have never looked back. I've even gotten a warranty replacement from Verizon for my rooted phone (because the light sensor seemed to have broken).

I'm currently running jszweitzel's nightly of the LiquidSmooth ROM (v2.3.1), which runs Android 4.2.2, and almost everything is working well. Battery life is fantastic compared to what I've had over the past year of having this phone.