I never noticed this shortcut till today...


Nov 26, 2009
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This may be common knowledge but I just now noticed it:

If you long press an icon in the app drawer it immediately lets you place it on the current home screen. Beats the hell out of Long Press home screen>shortcuts>applicatons>then scroll to and select app then long press that icon to move it where you want it.
I didnt know there was a long way of doing it. lol
Well here's probably a dumb question but related to this. Right after I got my droid I accidently long pressed on the phone icon. Now I have 2 on my main screen. I have not figured out how to remove 1, though I have not looked too hard. How do I get rid of the second one?
Hold it down for a few seconds and once it is draggable, drag it to the trashcan at the bottom....
Put you're finger on which one you want to and pull it down to the gray tab at the bottom of the screen and wait for it to turn red then release it.
I found about that by mistake....an app wasnt loading or something.

For those that can u can add icons to the 4 icon dock at the bottom too this way. It will be a lil green or yellow ball when u can place it. U wont see the lil balls if its already full. U would have to remove an icon from the dock first.