I need a media player that works with Sort Tags


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Sep 19, 2010
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Hi! I am very picky when it comes to my music. All my albums have full art, are all tagged right, and everything. I also use iTunes' "sort" tags to get them to show up in the right spot. For instance, let's say I have two Peter Gabriel Albums, "Us" and "Up". "Us" was released before "Up", but "Up" comes alphabetically before "Us", so normally it would show up first. Using iTunes' sort tags, I label "Us" "Peter Gabriel 6" while I label "Up" "Peter Gabriel 7", which makes them still show up as "Us" and "Up" but iTunes sees them and sorts them as "Peter Gabriel 6" and "Peter Gabriel 7". I have tried tons and tons of media players for android and none of them do this. Most of them will even separate an album with multiple artists into multiple albums. Does anyone know of one that will read the "sort" tags?