Media Player Add-on?


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Feb 23, 2010
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I apologize in advance if music player threads are annoying.

BUT Is there a way to create an app that will not be a entirely separate media player, but sort of like an add-on to the stock media player or actually edit the media player itself?

I understand that the new OS will have a slight GUI upgrade on the default media player, but the 'now playing' screen is the same.. and still the ugly looking small album art look.. Can that be edited at all?

Maybe have large album art, different buttons , etc..

Also, can something be created to read album lyrics that are in the file ID tag.. For example, you tap the ipod cover art and the lyrics show up.. I love reading the lyrics and I do not want to install a third arty program that scan the net for lyrics wasting battery life when I have the lyrics already all tagged.

The ability to view the now playing on the actual lock screen or hold a key and the 'widget' would show in any program you are running.. as I hate to say it, like the ipod (ugh)

Thanks! :)
I agree with you about wanting a music player that will just read the ID tags. I've already tagged my music with the art and lyrics I want, but I have yet to find a Droid music player that will just read the ID tags for these things. A couple will display your album art, but none will show the lyrics you tagged the file with already. Hell, even Windows Media Player will show tagged lyrics. I'm not sure why no one will add this simple feature.
Yeah it is pretty sad that the most basic music player related things aren't even given a second thought by developers here.. Not even an answer to the post. Shows how interested the droid community is on improving this lacking media player.. I don't want to depend on third party music player apps, I tried them all and are almost as underwhelming as the stock player. Oh well. I guess I should try other forums for some feedback..:huh: