A Challenge to All Android Music Devs!!

Jun 5, 2010
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Hey all!

Here is my challenge. There are a ton of good music apps out there, but they're all lacking ONE HUGE feature. Maybe it is just me, but I am more concerned about two things in my MP3 collection... Artist and song title. I know people love to organize albums and have the album art and all, and it is great. However, I have thousands of songs on my PC and a few hundred on my phone and cannot bear to go through them all and properly tag the albums.

The nuisance is that every music app (except bTunes which I am still using but is no longer supported) automatically makes you choose albums after hitting an artist. I would KILL for an option to disable this. If I click on Radiohead or Sigur Ros, I would love to just have a single clean list of all the SONGS that belong to that artist without having to remember which album they belong to, or have to hit a second click to "see all songs." BTunes has this feature, along with a great clean widget, but the dev has been very quiet lately, so I am asking, BEGGING the amazing Android dev community to see what we can come up with!

*iTunes look alike GUI and/or great clean simple widget is a plus!

Thanks guys!
Doesn't bother me but I doubt it's just you.

As a workaround, though, if you don't care about tags what happens if you omit the album info? There are tag editors that can perform mass edits.
In the stock music player you can long-press on the Artist name and then you'll have the option to play all songs by the Artist. It's not ideal, but the nice thing is that once you do that, all the Artist's songs will be in the Now Playing playlist just like you want, with the bonus that you can sort the songs to play in whatever order you want.

Or you could just make a permanent playlist for each artist... (Long-press on artist, choose add to playlist, then select new, name the new playlist with the artist name or whatever, and then just think of the playlist screen as the artist (+playlist) screen)