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Dec 30, 2010
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Mebane NC
My name is Todd and I live in Mebane NC. with my wife and youngest son. We moved here in fall of 2008 from the Detroit Michigan area. We moved here after the building industry crashed there. I am now selling Woodworking Machinery and equipment.
I have now had a droid2 for a couple weeks and I a hooked as far as I am concerned I will never own anything but Android again.
This has to be the most useful gadget I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
I can see the whole population of the planet will have android technology in their pockets someday.
I have never been a huge fan of smart phones finding most of them to be laggy bloated and just plain unfriendly to use.
I was actually planning on getting an iphone before I started hearing about the droid os.
Man I am so glad I didn't.
This droid 2 blows away anything I have seen an iphone do
I am sure I have barely skimmed the surface of what this thing is capable of.
Even when I have had a phone that can handle addresses and internet and all the other bells and whistles I never used any of them simply because it was slow and the web espescially was not very user friendly to use but this droid is awesome everything works flawlessly and its real intuitive.
I am so glad I found this forum to really dig deep into what this beast of a phone can do
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