I have been droided


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Nov 16, 2009
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Hey everyone just found these forums, had droid since day 1. I have been waiting years for the right phone on vzw and finally it came.:motdroidhoriz:

I am currently using it a lot for geocaching with an app called geobeagle. It's awesome.

I also use Pandora for music and I play it in my truck with a tape adapter. With my old iPod touch I had a universal dock that went through the 3.5mm out to the tape deck and was powered by cigarette lighter.

Now I am waiting to get the multimedia dock so I can mount that into my car. You may ask "why not the navigation dock?" I want the multimedia one because it plugged the micro usb into the phone with out me having to. I am going for efficiency and this way when I get in my truck I can put the droid in the dock and then the tape in the 3.5mm.

If I am feeling clever I might take apart the dock and embed it into my pull out ash tray. Otherwise the pullout ashtray will be the surface the dock mounts to.