HUGE [ROM] Release Steel Droid 10.0 for Multiple Devices!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The long awaited update to the Steel Droid Rom series is finally here! Developer "ChevyCam94" has been working long and hard to bring a new release that is packing lots of new features. This Release has been long awaited. It is supported on several devices such as OG Droid, Droid2, Droid2Global, DroidX, and Cliq. Steel Droid 10.0 features two distinct versions for each device one is Themed with Chevy's Custom ICS theme while the other is stock CM7. Chevy says that he would have made an AOSP style themed rom but he just didn't have enough time. I seriously don't think anyone will mind because the two versions he had time to release look AWESOME!


This Rom is packed with a huge list of features. It is built from CyanogenMOd source. It includes the updated Google Play market, Propmodder is merged into Steelbox, Clock has been themed ICS, Both themes include custom boot animations, system files where themed ICS, ICS wallpapers are included, Notification power widget was darkened, cleaned up images to match ICS, On/Off buttons instead of check boxes to match ICS, theme has been darkened, updated superuser, MMs themed ICS, more tweaks and mods added for performance enhancement, added semi transparency to menus and much more!

Grab this Rom here and Discuss!