Steel Droid Rom is here for the Galaxy Nexus!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Steel Droid Rom series by developer "ChevyCam94" has developed a loyal following since its early days on the OG Droid. The Rom has really come a long way, and GNex users will be happy to know that it is finally here for their device! For most of the devices supported by ChevyCam there are 2 Rom downloads a CM7 clean Rom and an ICS themed Rom. However since ICS is already available for the Galaxy Nexus ChevyCam has build a full ICS build for this device!


Steel Droid for the Galaxy Nexus is built on the AOKP b31 source! It includes 4.0.4 and tons of customization options! This build includes a custom Steel Droid Ringtone, optimized audio files, all bloat removed, tons of build.prop tweaks and mods for added performance, and a larger host file for ad blocks! With the inclusion of Rom control you will be able to do all the same customization mods as you have come to love with AOKP such as navigation button mods, lockscreen mods, performance mods, and so forth and so on. This Rom looks to be pretty solid!

Grab this Rom here!
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