Huge Mistake!!! Help.

Keep these info for future references for yourself....

From this site that shows you how to root (for Froyo), how to SBF back to stock, and various other useful tips.

Correct way to SBF back to Froyo stock....

Prerequisite: Must have the rsdlite program set up

Step 1: Boot into the bootloader, you do this by powering on and holding the physical up button on your keyboard. You should see a black screen with text that says battery: OK

Step 2: Plug is your usb cord into the computer you loaded the rsdlite file on

Step 3: Click on your rsdlite program. You need to run as an administrator, to do that hold shift key and right click on the rsdlite program (do that as you are about to open the program). Thanks Firesong3k for reminding me about that.

Step 4: Next to the file name text box in the rsdlite program are three little dots. Click on those dots and find the file Click on that file and then click start. Make sure you have a strong battery before flashing this is the one time you need to ensure your battery is ok to get through the process, because the program erases everything and re-flashes your phone.

Step 5: Wait for it to get to 100% and reboot your phone to the motorola "M" symbol first then unplug your device. While at the M take off the battery cover out and remove your battery. Wait for about 3 seconds and then reinstall your battery. Power on and hold the physical X key until you get to the triangle and !.

Step 6: on your physical keyboard push the search button to get into the recovery mode. From there you are going to wipe data/factory reset. AFter that is complete click reboot.

Once you SBF'ed back to stock do this...

Get that Monster zip file (containing the rooted GB leak) place it on the root of your SD Card.

Back up all your apps and data (data is up to you if you only want selective data such as text, email, contact infos, etc).

Flash into recovery

Wipe data and cache

Flash Monster zip (containing the rooted GB leak)


Activate phone and go through the rest of that stuff

Check and make sure everything went smoothly, apps all came over from being reinstalled from the Market, etc

Make sure D2 Bootstrap is reinstalled and Liberty Toolbox Donated reinstalled

Download .07 or .08

You can either allow toolbox to install it or put it on queue when finished so you can install it manually through Recovery like ldopa and I and others do (safer to do it manually so we can control all that is going on and the installer doesn't mess up on us.

Repeat for wipe data and cache if you plan on manually installing it through Recovery.
same thing happened to me :(

i had an old copy of gummyjar on my sd and just flashed that.. problem solved; but im sure your circumstances might be different