Huawei is Planning to Bring their Honor Line of Smartphones to the US


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Dec 30, 2010
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Huawei's Senior Director of Marketing, George Zhao, recently shared that Huawei is planning to bring the Honor brand smartphones (and other mobile devices) to the US. According to his teaser, an announcement might be coming as soon as CES in early January.

Here at HQ, we are huge fans of the Google-branded and Huawei-made Nexus 6P. It's one of the most remarkable Nexus devices ever made. It will be interesting to see if Huawei (who is one of the largest Chinese smartphone competitors in Asia) can make a dent in the strangle-hold that Samsung has on the Android smartphone market here in the US.

Source: Engadget
I have said "keep an eye on Huawei" for quite sometime. They make awesome products and can put a huge dent into Sammy's Smartphone market...
More competition is better. For companies looking to "lay it up" and put out the same old every year will find themselves looking up to a Huawei.
I agree, but I don't. Samsung's stranglehold has a lot to do with brand recognition, something that Huawei doesn't have in the US yet.

That's not to say that I don't think Huawei can mix things up and make a dent. I just know it won't be overnight.

But I'm glad they're moving forward with this plan. Seems like a no-brainer after building such a great Nexus device.

The average consumer, I think, is going to stick with what they know and what they're comfortable with. They don't care about the different options from different brands. A Samsung user that isn't tech oriented is going to stick with Samsung devices because, when they go to the store and look at them, that's what's going to feel familiar.

For the rest of this, as has already been mentioned in this thread, the competition and another choice will be great.

I was really hoping the Huawei Nexus rumors were true and was very curious about the company and what they'd bring to the table. I've been completely impressed and very happy with my 6P. I have no doubt they can do well here as long as they get their name out there.
Huawei has the bucks to hire a top marketing firm for a name recognition campaign.
When peeps realise that they make the P6 for Google, rest assured they will remember the name..
I can't argue with their ability to pay for marketing, but I think you may be overestimating the popularity of the Nexus line among the average consumer.

Most people I know who have an android device, when they ask me what phone I have, they look at me like I'm speaking another language when I tell them I have a Nexus 6P. They have no clue what that means. Like I said, enthusiasts like us, sure. They've earned some cred with our kind. But the average consumer isn't our kind. Haha!

I'm not saying I don't think they've got a great start. I'm not even saying I don't think they can break in and do well here.

I just hope they don't rely on the fact that they made a Nexus to mean something to the majority of phone buyers in the US.
Only the geeks in my group of friends know what a Nexus is. Huawei will have a huge uphill battle to go against known names like Motorola, Samsung and HTC.