HTC Sensation XE with BEATS Audio

Pretty nice. I've always had issues with the poor audio quality when I plug my phone into my car stereo. So many pops and noises that I don't get from any other device. Maybe its just my phone, but still.
I don't even want to imagine what this thing will cost with the head phones. The last set of phones they announced were expected to retail at 610euros.
I would buy this phone....I love my Beats Studios. They are great headphones regardless of what all the haters say.

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I think we are also going to start seeing phones with projectors in 2012. Many prototypes are in development, and some ad-on ones are already available. I really think the term 'phone' itself is outdated, something more along the lines of the generic 'multi-media device' I think is more suitable. It's coming to a point, where the phone itself is just a feature in the device itself.

And why not!? They had projectors in Droids back in 1978: