Htc one sd storage concerns


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Nov 12, 2014
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HTC One sv boost moble
Hi Everyone
I'm new to this site and also an Android dummy. I ressently purchased an HTC one sv from Boost mobile,
I really like this phone, it more than accommates my needs as far as functions and speed, my only problem that
I'm having is my storage space, it has 3 different storages 4g internal or (data) external 4g or (app) and my sd card 8g.
So when I first got the phone I downloaded 4 apps no more than 100mb combined, a few days later some apps tried to update they couldn't because I didn't have enough storage. I went and checked my storage sure engough my internal storage was maxed, space as follows apps had 300mb that includes all apps preloaded
Other 2.87gb and data the remainder, I tried to move apps to sdcard only opt. it gave me was to move to external or app storage no opt to move to sdcard. whats weird is that my app storage only has about 400mb
used, oh and I was only able to 3 apps and only partial amount. I can't figure out what Other is on my internal storage that is consuming 3/4 of my storage. I only have about 150mb left if I try to download anymore apps, then there's no space for updates. If there is anything I can do to free up some space so that I can download
some of my favorite apps I would be very greatful. I also talked to HTC tech and they couldn't even tell me what
to do.