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Jul 8, 2012
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Maryland, USA
I'm getting frustrated with trying to save space on my android. To review, I have a Razr Maxx phone running Android 4.1.2. Supposedly, I have 16GB storage.

I just want to know what the different terms for "storage" mean. Going to Settings > Storage, it lists three; "Application Storage", "Internal Storage /Storage/SDCard0" and "SD Card /Storage/SDcard1". However, when I go into Application Storage, and select an app, I see two different options; "Move to phone", and "Move to internal storage".

As I mention in the post I referenced above, I have gone into Application Storage, selected an app, and saw the option "Move to internal storage". So I did this. Then powered off, powered on, and went into Settings > Storage, and saw the same app listed in "Application Storage" (though now, the option is "Move to phone"). I thought it would take it OUT of "Application Storage", and put it in "Internal Storage". WAIT... I just looked, and it is listed in BOTH places. What's going on???
I realize you're having a hard time, but this is the third thread you've posted that would fit well in the discussion you already started in the post thread that you linked in your OP here.

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Your "Application Storage" and "Internal Storage" are really both internal storage or "phone storage" or "device storage." It is the 16 gb that came with the phone. Why the Maxx has decided to allocated a certain amount of space for apps is odd, imo. Your "SDcard1" is your external sd card.

The reason some apps will show in more than one place is because the app itself will be stored in the most functionally convenient space but it's data will be or can be stored elsewhere.

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