1. T

    Memory immediately used

    I have a Samsung S8 with 64GB of built in memory running Pie. I've had my phone for two years and am normally struggling to maintain storage space due to having a large number of downloaded apps and unlistened to podcasts. Last night, for the first time, I got a pop up warning about extremely...
  2. Bithawk

    Moto Z CD Card upgrade

    I just purchased a Moto Z Droid and although it has a 32GB CD Card, when I transferred all my pictures and music files over from a Samsung S4mini, I actually ran out of memory space(the system uses around 8GB alone). So I need to upgrade to a 64GB or 128GB CD card. My question is if my CD card...
  3. DroidModderX

    Lexar Memory Flash Sale! Up To 81% OFF!

    The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge now include a micro sdcard slot. More than likely we will see the same from HTC on the HTC 10, and whatever Motorola puts out later this year. If you have a new device that utilizes an sdcrad slot you will want to grab some memory. Lexar is currently having a flash sale...
  4. DroidModderX

    Increase Your Phone's Internal Storage To 1TB With i-Blades!

    These days most OEMs are distancing themselves from expandable memory in favor of cloud storage options. There are still ways to add external storage to your phone. For the most part these can be cumbersome and impractical. OTG cables allow you to connect flash drives to your phone but who wants...
  5. DaveTheRave

    Definitions need about storage

    I'm getting frustrated with trying to save space on my android. To review, I have a Razr Maxx phone running Android 4.1.2. Supposedly, I have 16GB storage. I just want to know what the different terms for "storage" mean. Going to Settings > Storage, it lists three; "Application Storage"...