HTC One M8s Screen Issue


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Nov 23, 2015
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HTC One M8s
Hi all,

I'm new obviously, so apologies if this isn't in the right place.

I'm having a screen issue with my HTC One M8s, and I'm having trouble summing it up in a concise way, which makes Googling a solution a bit tough.

It seems the very top part of the screen, just below the status bar, is not functioning right. I can still pull the status bar down -- all that functionality is working as normal. Every other part of the screen is working just fine. As an example of what I mean:


If I try and tap the 'apply' button here, on the Twitter app when cropping a photo, it pulls the status bar down. No matter how precise I try to be - it just doesn't work. This is actually how I noticed the issue, but I've since seen it in other apps that put buttons in this same position (eg. Vine). Once or twice I've been able to brute force it and by tapping continuously, I've gotten it to work but it's very frustrating. I don't have big fingers or anything like that -- it was working normally up to a few weeks ago.

Any suggestions at all?