htc one

  1. S

    Avoid HTC

    Hey all, hopefully your doing homework on your next phone. Avoid HTC. They do not back up their product. I am stuck in a contract with Verizon with a phone that will not charge. They are aware of the issues several are having but will not do anything to help you out. They offered to repair the...
  2. DroidModderX

    How To Root The HTC One A9!

    The HTC One A9 seems to have been quite the flop. It is HTC's mid tier offering for late 2015. It looks eerily similar to the iPhone 6s, however HTC will swear to you that Apple stole design ques from them when designing the iPhone 6. That is neither here nor there. One great thing about the A9...
  3. T

    HTC One M8s Screen Issue

    Hi all, I'm new obviously, so apologies if this isn't in the right place. I'm having a screen issue with my HTC One M8s, and I'm having trouble summing it up in a concise way, which makes Googling a solution a bit tough. It seems the very top part of the screen, just below the status bar, is...