HTC One M8 Mini Rumored to be Coming to Verizon


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Dec 30, 2010
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It seems that Verizon has renewed/improved their enthusiasm for HTC. In the past, they were hot on HTC products, but then for a while they seemed to ignore them a bit. Lately though they seem to be very enthusiastic about HTC again. They were the first carrier to offer the HTC One M8 on launch day, and now, today's latest intel suggests that the rumored HTC One M8 Mini will also be making its way to Big Red when it is officially revealed. Right now the device itself is still rumor, and we have no clue what date we might see it appear. We will keep you updated with more info as it arrives.

Could Verizon be purposefully trying to help save HTC to foster competition, or do you think there is nothing more going on behind the scenes than just aggressive OEM pricing from HTC?

Source: @evleaks