[Rumor] HTC One M8 Prime/Plus 'Suspended Indefinitely'


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's a shocking bit of news from out of the blue... just yesterday we shared a story which included more details about the "prime" version of the HTC One M8. It supposedly had a new name, called the HTC One M8 Plus. Unfortunately, it looks like we have to use the past tense with that description. According to the latest intel from @evleaks, it may have been cancelled by HTC.

Here's the quote from the famed leaker:

If you were salty at having purchased an HTC One (M8) when news of the M8 Prime hit, prepare to feel vindicated: development on Prime has been suspended indefinitely.

Ultimately, if it is delayed for enough time, the project is effectively dead. There would be no point to release it close to the launch of next year's M9. It's possible this was deliberately leaked by HTC themselves to throw off the press, but we shouldn't count on that.

We aren't sure where this leaves the rumored HTC One M8 Advance, but more than likely that rumored device is still coming to fruition. It is meant to target a different audience and a different market. Of course, if we really want to follow speculation down the rabbit hole, it's possible the leaked intel is slightly off and the device to be cancelled will be the HTC One M8 Advance. We will just have to wait and see if HTC ever brings either device to market later this year.