HTC One M8 Eye Has Press Photo Leaked


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Dec 30, 2010
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There have been rumors floating around the inter-webs that HTC will be launching a new version of the HTC One M8 called the One M8 Eye. This new version supposedly will include a beefed up camera, and will be officially announced at HTC's New York City event next week. This is the same event in which HTC is likely to unveil their new GoPro competitor device, the HTC RECamera.

From what we know about the One M8 Eye, it is basically the same device internally (and externally based upon the leaked image) as the vanilla HTC One M8. The only difference is that it will include a 13MP camera instead of HTC's UltraPixel creation.

We will keep you updated as more intel hits the streets before the event next week.

Source: GSMArena