The HTC One M8 EYE is NOT Coming to Western Markets


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

According to the latest reports, HTC does not plan to bring their new HTC One M8 EYE to western markets. The phone is supposedly only meant for China and India. Apparently, only the HTC Desire EYE will make it to North American and Europe, because HTC doesn't want to give up on their Ultrapixel technology in western markets. Strangely, some of the software features of the HTC One M8 Eye will show up for the T-Mobile version of the vanilla HTC One M8, even though it doesn't have the 13MP camera on board.

It seems ironic that a phone which is a selfie camera equipped variant of a popular flagship in the US isn't coming to the US. The selfie craze was born in the US and it could easily be argued that the US is more vain than any other country. Perhaps HTC thinks the Desire EYE focuses to that market more effectively than the One M8 Eye would... what do you think?

Source: Fudzilla