HTC M8 to Look 'strikingly like' the HTC One


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Dec 30, 2010
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According to the latest tip from @evleaks, the next generation HTC flagship, (currently known as the HTC M8), will supposedly look "strikingly like" the HTC One. This suggests they plan to follow a similar strategy that Apple does, by offering one flagship device that only slightly changes aesthetically from generation to generation. Of course, the internal hardware will change, but it actually makes sense for HTC to adopt this strategy. Their HTC One was one of the most well-received and award winning physical designs of any Android smartphone.

Current rumors suggest we will see the device launch in March, but not much else is known about the device. We will keep you updated as more info arrives.

This begs the question, "What will they call it? The HTC One 2? The HTC One S? (Nope... they already used that one.) How about the HTC One X to cash in on that current trend? (Oops... they used that one too.) Maybe they will just keep calling it the HTC One...

Source: Twitter - @evleaks
Two thoughts. First, I'd call myself a very happy One owner. No particular rush on needing 4.4, it's all good. Second, I *do* remember last year's insanity that it took a few (maybe 4?) extra months before it hit Verizon. Hopefully it'll move a bit faster the next time around, but I guess I wouldn't bet on it!

The HTC One would be better if:
1. The side bezels were thinner
2. They used onscreen buttons
I'm a big fan of hardware buttons, especially when you remap them in some roms. I use them a lot so there's not much utility for me having them on-screen - take up the same space only would fail to function when my launcher freezes.

Now what would be interesting, and innovative, is if someone like HTC figured out how to put the hardware keys over top of the bottom speaker! Then you'd have the absolute best of both worlds.