HTC Incredible Screen Reboots Over and Over


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Jul 6, 2010
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My Incredible had an issue this morning while using the web browser. An error message popped up and then the phone shut down. Now it won't start back up. I get the HTC Incredible screen and then it continues to shut down and go back to this screen and won't get past it.

I'm not too tech savvy so have pulled the battery and then tried a hard reset. No success with either. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Try leaving it on the charger for a while.
If charging it and trying a hard reset didn't work (I see your post is about 3 days old) then take it to the store if you haven't done so already. Sounds like it might need to be replaced.
Ended up taking it to the store and it needed replaced. At first they said I'd need to wait until the August ship date. That obviously wouldn't work so they did end up overnighting a replacement. Thanks for the advice.
Phone Restart

What was the issue with the phone that required a new phone?