HTC Droid DNA Officially Announced Coming to Verizon Nov 21st for $200 On Contract

Awesome specs........

But the battery??? Really?????

Might as well have made this the first smartphone which requires AAA batteries....
The battery, The battery, the battery. Beautiful phone, but with those specs I'm thinking thunderbolt with no removable battery. Happy Charging. ;)

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1) non-removable battery
2) not enough capacity

battery fail, not buying device
Can someone please get me the phone number for the CEO of HTC and post it in this thread. Better yet, post his e-mail. Perhaps a few thousand, "build a phone with a freakin bigger battery!" spams over the course of a month might change HTC's thinking. Then again, maybe not.

I was seriously leaning towards this device over the Note 2 if it had a 2500 mah battery, but now I'm probably leaning toward the Note 2. Still, I'll compare both in the store and see what the reviews say. The battery may not be THAT bad. Plus, an insanely georgeous screen and camera are a bit compelling.

HTC executive management team:

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Apologies that I havent checked too much but any news on the bootloader? If it is unlockable with the processor that its running it will be a beast minus oc'ing killing the battery in 30 minutes lol.

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I'd still get it. Even if the battery is small.
After messing around with my cousins Note 2 yesterday, officially felt the need to get a phone with a larger screen (Galaxy Nexus isint that small but still).... I had my hopes set on this, and I dont even mind the small battery, the quad core processor is supposed to help battery purposes. but only 11GB of useable space! I dont understand what companies are thinking nowadays?? Same thing with the Nexus4.. With all the apps coming out today, especially the games... giant size apps. That leaves us even less space to load Music and movies on our phones. What is the point of having a large screen than!

just in a pissy mood because this phone actually looks awesome. All phones should come out with a minimum of 32gb...
I saw the HTC one X+ coming out with 64GB... why not this?? :angry:

Pretty funny how the Note 2 can make the GNex look so tiny!
tjk629 said:
I'd still get it. Even if the battery is small.

I'll consider it, never more than an hour away from a plug. Have 14 days to trade it in or get my bucks back.
soulpatch said:
I equate it to buying a Ferrari but only being able to buy a gallon of gas at a time. Sure you might laugh at the guy down the street with the Nissan GTR since his might not be as fancy and high tech but he is able to buy a full tank of gas....

I would go GTR all day every day

I've heard that analogy many times & it's a bit off. The bugatti veyron is probably a closer comparison. I understand at top speeds, that burns through its tank of gas in like 20 minutes or something, but hey, it also goes over 250!

Still, the gtr is sweet. I've owned two nissans & they were great cars.

Still waiting for that almost perfect phone. If this had a sd card slot & 3000 mah battery, this would have been it.
PereDroid said:
What Syndicate said: I fear Google is going to pressure everyone to stop using SD slots. Sad. Very sad. That, to me, is was always what set the Android phones far apart from the Apple phones.

It's all about trying to make more money from the consumer. Unlimited data plans are on their way out, cloud storage and 4g on their way in. So spec the phones to force the consumer to chew through their data quicker and pay overages. Not cool tech companies, not cool.
You should use Google music and save yourself some space.
Too bad you can't if you don't have unlimited data.

2 reasons I'm shying away: 1. Do Not want to give up unlimited (even though my sister's friend supposedly got his grandfathered unlimited plan back by complaining that the tiered didn't work for him. Feel like he may have got an extremely nice rep) 2. I am a broke 16 year old with no upgrades available :/

I can deal with the storage since I already carry around an OTG hub for my N7 and I've been dealing with the GNexus's horrid battery life so..
Wow, finally a phone from HTC that would make me drop the Rezound. People don't like the non removable battery but I can't remember the last time that I needed to pull mine out.
Re: HTC Droid DNA Officially Announced Coming to Verizon Nov 21st for $200 On Cont

Pulling out the battery is not the issue.. Married to a charger will be the reason :D

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Still cannot believe that's all the battery power that thing is packing, and no SD slot? Shame such an awesome device has been utterly ruined by not creating a total package.
Re: HTC Droid DNA Officially Announced Coming to Verizon Nov 21st for $200 On

It's okay if they offer it 16GB...but come out with 32GB as well & give peeps options.. No problem you pay more ok but give option..

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