How to toggle "Mass Storage" mode?


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Mar 10, 2012
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Well, when I conenect my OGDroid to my comp, comp recognizes it as a unknown device that has malfunctioned.

Also, on my droid nothing shows up in otification bar.

I was looking at this problem with other phones, and found something for the Triumph. This seemed to fix it.
1. Download anycut from the market (free) "new shortcut"

3.Select Activity

4.Choose "Select COM Port Mode" (should be in the "s" section)

5.Then Hit "ok" dont rename

6.Go to homescreen and click on your shortcut "select com port mode"

7.Next make sure that "diag" is checked and not "Mass Storage"

Whenever I try to do that, there is no option for "Select COM Port Mode." So i'm stuck.

Is there any way I can toggle this option?