Dont have the Option to turn on usb mass storage when connecting to my computer

Jul 18, 2011
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I recently flashed cm7 and now when i connect my OG Droid to my computer it connects the USB Debug but does not give me the option to turn on usb mass storage. Not sure if when playing around with the settings i shut something off or if maybe theres something i need to download?? My computer sees the drive (E:) but wants me to insert drive. ive downloaded the latest drivers for the phone on to my computer (XP SP3) tried uninstalling and reinstalling through device manager, still cant connect! I have dug through every option on the phone and just dont see where i can toggle this option to turn on usb mass storage! Maybe im just not doing something correctly??? Any help would be great!!!!!

Model: OG Droid
Android 2.3.4
MOD Version CM7.1.0 RC1-Droid