How to specify contact entry for group members


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Aug 30, 2010
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Wooster, OH
When adding members to a contact group, how do I pick which entry from a contact to add to the group? For instance, if Johnny Damon has a phone number and an email address, I want to make sure the phone number is the entry added, not the email address. Instead, I just have the choice to select Johnny Damon (the person) instead of the Johnny Damon cell phone number. Recently all my contacts who have email addresses are getting sent emails instead of text messages when I create a new text message to the whole group. I have tried switching the Primary method, but it's not working (many contacts have two methods set as "Primary" - Call mobile and Send mail, but not Send message). Is it possible to choose the contact entry to be added to a group? Or is this something that Droid "does" NOT do?

Thank you for your help!