Problem with contact's primary method of communication


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Aug 30, 2010
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Wooster, OH
Phone: HTC Droid Incredible
I have a group with 15-20 contacts in it, to whom I send messages. I created the group then searched for and added contacts as members of the group. When searching for the contacts, it didn't give me a list of numbers/methods for that contact. It was just the person's name, I tapped it, and it was added.

This past Friday I started sending messages to the group. Sometimes I would get "undeliverable" texts in return, and then I would hear from some group members that they did not receive any texts only to find out later that they had gotten sent to their email address.

Basically I want to be able to select the appropriate contact entry for each member to ensure my text messages get sent to their phones instead of their email addresses. I've searched already and have found how to change this (supposedly), but it doesn't work on my phone. Thank you for any assitance.
Oops, sorry. My old thread got moved to this (the correct) forum. You can close this thread. The other is open still. Sorry.