How to open Recovery Backups on a computer?


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Apr 4, 2011
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So I moved to the 588 GB leak a few days ago and think I'll stay this time.
I was wondering how I might go about restoring my data though since I only have a recovery backup and didn't bother with Titanium. (last time I tried to do a Froyo to GB titanium-restore it grabbed 20% of my data at best)

Basically I'm looking for SMS, mytracks, ADW prefs etc., nothing huge.

Anyhow Trying to mount the data.img image as a disk or open it as a zip archive only yields "unknown format' and similar errors. Does anybody have some experience prying those images open?

Right now my other alternative is to sbf, restore my rom'd image, manually copy the data, sbf to stock froyo, flash to stock GB, then flash GB backup image.