How To??? Install system app apk. Please Help!


Aug 28, 2011
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So I accidentally deleted to system files with titanium backup. I have located the apks with es file explorer. How do I go about getting them back on my phone. I try to open and install them but it says application not installed. I am stock .902 with root on my bionic. Thank you!
Don't install them. Copy and move them to the /system/app folder. Permissions should be rw/r/r. I'm not sure how es explorer works. I only us Root Explorer.
I could not get this to work with root explorer. I though I had found the apks but now i realize that I was discovering them with root explorer but this was after I had deleted them with titanium backup so there must be something wrong with them. I followed your instructions above and some more in depth instructions on you tube. I believe if I could just get someone to send me the apks from a backup that they had done then I would properly be able to push them into my system apps as you have described. I cannot find the files online. I need news 2.3.4 for bionic ( and weather 2.3.4 for bionic ( I believe that these are both widgets in the motorola system.
Did you delete the apps and backups from TiBU? If nit then TiBU can still restore the app if there was a backup.
I backed up the apps with titanium backup but they would not restore with tibu. I saw someone else had a very similar problem. They have since been deleted. In root explorer i see that every file or app has an odex file with it. The ones i need (news 2.3.4 and weather 2.3.4) show up in root explorer under system apps but the odex file is not there. I saw a bionic system dumb here in the forums. Could i get all the files i need from there?
Anyone with any help??? I found the files in a system dump for the bionic and i put them in the system apps in root explorer but they dont show on my phone. Please give me a hand!
Yes I did. Should i place the odexed file along with the apk or just the apk?? Also, should I change the owner to 0-root?? All of the other apps are 0-root.
News and Weather apks huh.... so you never made a nandroid backups
So you haven't installed bootstrap or made any backups?
i figured out how to restore the apps and now i froze them instead of uninstalling them. The only one i am missing is the apk for emergency alerts 2.3.4. This cam with the .902 update. Anyone know where to find it???
hahaha... where are you getting these apk names from??... no such apks in stock .902 ...the news and weather were newswidget and weatherwidget apks as well I'm gathering?

emergency alerts ??
emergency alerts 2.3.4 it was bloat that came with .902. it is a white icon with a red triangle inside.
emergency alerts 2.3.4 it was bloat that came with .902. it is a white icon with a red triangle inside.

Well it isn't named emergency alerts apk, so are you sure you don't have the apk still installed, just named something else?... I haven't looked in depth to see what the apk could be named...
it's the same thing with Market, that apk is named Vending.apk

I see Cmas.apk which has the red triangle with the exclamtion mark...if you don't have it installed, I've attached the apk and odex files for it...
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