Help please.Need to reinstall a system app.


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Feb 20, 2010
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Rooted/Stock Bionic with Forever Root. Froze some bloatware with Titanium Backup but accidentally deleted HTML Viewer. Trying to reinstall it so I can do .893 OTA update. Tried putting the HTML Viewer apk and odex in System/app file via Root Explorer method. Mounted and set correct permissions but the Package Installer fails to install the app. From reading through different forums, other are having trouble reinstalling deleted system apps on the Bionic also. Is there a way to reinstall a system app or do I now need to restore to unrooted stock to get the system app back? If so, what would be the best way to do it? Would appreciate any help and advise on the subject.
Problem fixed!!! Researched this and other forums. Viewed a few YouTube tutorials. Backed up apps with Titanium. Used Rsdlite to restore to stock. Re-rooted and forever root. Restored apps with Titanium. Updated in increments to 5.7.893. After using phone for the past several days, I can say that this is what the Bionic should have been out of the box. A GREAT PHONE! No more data loss. No more whine when using headphones. Unlike some of the reviews, I love the screen. I work outdoors and can see whats on screen even in direct sunlight. Only problem I have now is interference when I hook up to car speakers and plug in charger. But thats not a phone problem, its a grounding issue. Looking into getting a ground loop isolator.