How to install play store and/or apps on generic devices


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Nov 25, 2010
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Hello, I tried a search but wasn't able to find anything.

I purchased some cheap android 4.0 tablets for Christmas for my kids. I was trying to set them up early to run on my wifi and install some games. One is a tablet style while the other two are phone sized but no phone support. Non of them have the google play store on them. Two of them have some weird app thing on them that wants me to sign up and the third has nothing at all. I tried finding a way to force Google play store on them and wasn't able to get that to work. I tried coping a APK over to one and it acted like it installed but app wouldn't run. Help please, it's kind of us less to give these too them if they don't have any games on them.
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All I had to do with a Polaroid tablet I had, was to Google the Google play store, or just enter this:
You can then search for the actual play app from within Google itself.
It is a secure site, so you need to add the 'S' to your string.
You may have the option to download the actual play store app once you enter your Gmail information for their billing.
I am currently on a Win7 machine, and not able to see if the play app is available.
I will connect my phone to WiFi and take a look with that as well.
I keep getting directed to android opensource, not the play store.
I would place bets you can get the app directly from, or it will arrive as a download/update on your tablet.
There is no "set up" for billing as they are just straight Android devices, they don't have cellular connection, just Wi-Fi. I have already started them all and there is no setup. I found a play store file and installed it on the tablet but it crashes when I start it. I tried going to the play store web site but that was very cumbersome on the little ones and very slow. This is going to be a big let down if I can't find a way to install some games on these for the kids :-(
Thanks for your help
Henhouse tried going on to songs and adding an account? Maybe if you add you Gmail account info, you can get this working.

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If his tablets are anything close to the Polaroid tablets sold less than a year ago, Google Play will be a real hassle!
My Polaroid had real trouble running Google Play. And if I did get onto the site, I had nothing but problems getting to the sign-in, and even there, I had the site wipe out my screen info and the icons on the Play site would increase in size and not allow me to even sign in.
In the minimalist of words, the cheap tablets are just plain garbage, and should never be loaded with Android, they are not worthy of it.
Super low memory, lousy graphics with a horribly slow GPU to make you wish you kept your old Timex-Sinclair!
I have mine doing duty as a video doorbell, no battery, just a power supply feeding the beast.
If it gets wet and dies, the trash can is 10 feet away.