Android emulator with play store access


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Dec 21, 2010
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I have been trying to get an android emulator to work that has play store access, but to no avail.

Blue stacks WAS working on this exact hardware a few days ago, then it went into it's typical "Initializing" loop.
I contacted Blue stacks support and all they said was wait for a new version, helpful.

I've tried andyroid, but it also just hangs on "starting..."

Why are my emulators getting stuck on starting?

I've also tried genymobile, I was able to install the playstore and ARM support, but the apps fail to load, and instead go to a black screen when trying to use them.

Are there any other android emulation solutions other than blue stacks, andyroid, and genymobile that might work? Is there a way to get them to stop hanging on load?