how to get 3G / internet in China with Droid Pro?


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Jul 5, 2012
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I have an unlocked Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon that I am using in China

I can get 2G with a China Mobile SIM card... no problem with voice calls or texting

I can get internet using the phone's Wifi...

But when I turn off Wifi: Google Maps is shows "no data connection" and Foxfire browser says "server not found"

Checking available networks shows CHN-CUGSM 3G (China Unicom 3G) so I bought a China Unicom SIM with 3G service...

Unfortunately, after installing China Unicom 3G SIM when I try to get Google Maps it shows "no data connection" with China Unicom 3G SIM

Also, when I try opening Foxfire browser... again, "server not found" with China Unicom 3G SIM

I set phone to GSM, instead of Global or CDMA

Preferred network: GSM/UMTS

Select network: UMTS only

Background data, data rooming, and data enabled are all "checked"

When I turn phone on it shows "CHN-CUGSM"

I loaded an app that shows I have 3G (HSPA)

Any suggestions getting Google or internet using China Unicom service on my Droid Pro?

thanks for any help you can give me...
Add new Access Point Name (APN) for China Unicom

APN Settings
Settings \ Wireless & networks \ Mobile networks \ Access point names
APN = uninet
user = guest
pass = guest
Now getting 3G after after adding APN for China Unicom :)